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  • wizz, bang, boing ? paradine psytrance demo mix
    My old trusty Sony headphones broke where the headpiece joins the earpiece a while back. I tried gluing them a couple of time but by the third break I knew they would never work out. I got myself a nice pair of Sennheiser HD25 Mk II’s which I’ve always loved. I took them for a […]

  • have you seen this cat?
    linkage: via woodswoodswoods

  • biological function of the third eye
    The sixth chakra in Kundalini yoga, the Anja, is located in the centre of the forehead. Also known as the third eye it is a focal point for inner reflection and symbolises a connection to the higher mental powers. With recent (>100 years) discoveries in Western science fingers point to the pineal gland as being […]

  • fit-pc slim ? tiny and low power
    I have been keeping an eye on the compact PC market for a while now, eying the pico and nano ITX form factors but they remain on the expensive side. The micro Fit PC has been slimmed down and will be released in September 2008 touted as worlds smallest green PC. A mere 6W and […]

  • attack of the robot spiders
    Have you ever wonder whether insects are affected by stress? Some researchers have devised an experiment to see if they can find out which uses fake ‘robot’ spiders to capture and then release a bee unharmed so they can then watch it’s future behaviours for signs of stress. linkage: via science news

  • galactic empire dollar
    linkage: see full size image

  • knology internet speed test
    linkage: test your speed here

  • diversity music festival 2008 video clips, texada island
    DJ Soma rocking the Diversity stage with some sweet Psychedelic sounds The Boat trip up to Texada Fish on the Diversity stage creating his mad twisted Psychedlica The Sunset cruise back to Vancouver

  • diversity music festival photos 2008, texada island
    We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to cruise up to Texada Island for Diversity Electronic Music festival. What an experience! Rolling into a festival by boat and unloading onto the beach to camp is something to experience! Thanks so much to all the lovely people we met and played with – you make […]

  • entheos festival 2008 ? video clips
    I captured a few short (30 second) video clips while at Entheos Music festival 2008 on my Canon S80 digital camera. The main dance floor looks pretty dark – but thats what you get under Psychedelic lighting conditions! Enjoy



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