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Year: '2005' - Month: '9'

New-CD Release / Insane Creation - CONNECTED

Posted by Hochstrasser Rene on 09/28/2005 12:00:00 AM | 0 Comments Blog, Releases

DOMO records release information:

o­ne of the most awaited Debut albums in the progressive scene is finally ready to hit your ears and hearts! Dave Walitza better known as insane creation is o­ne of the pioneers of the progressive movements in Switzerland, which brought us the highest quality and sound possible, leveling itself in the top of the worldwide proggy scenes along with Germany (some might say it overcame it in the last years). This album is a sweet to all ears, presenting insane creation’s smooth minimal yet uplifting sounds touching numerous corners of our hearts each time. With tracks already released in acclaimed labels such as Plusquam, Interzone, Tracktor Schallabor and of course o­n all Domo Compilations it’s time to show the world that the wait was worth it. 8 previously unreleased tracks each o­ne different than the other in spirit but all lie in the softer realms of progressive music, making the album a great home listening CD and the perfect day time dancing tool helping to shape the new sound of Domo Records!

Groovepilots Goa-Progi'05

Posted by Hochstrasser Rene on 09/15/2005 12:00:00 AM | 0 Comments Blog, Old

Goa-Progi Party in Kloten
(nähe Pfadiheim, super Location). ab 20.00 Uhr grillen, Sound ab 22.00 Uhr!!!

Mottex (Groovepilots)
Overdose (Tonikum)
Craig (Supernova)
& Suprises

Neue Location für -Frogs in Space- am 10.9.2005

Posted by Hochstrasser Rene on 09/09/2005 12:00:00 AM | 0 Comments Blog, Old

A C H T U N G !!!

Neue Location für -Frogs in Space- am 10.9.2005
Neu findet -Frogs in Space- im 4Park in Turgi statt.

Auto: A1, Ausfahrt Baden (AG) / Richtung Koblenz / dann Turgi /folge den Zeichen.
Zug: S12 bis Turgi / 5min Fussmarsch, folge den Zeichen

Bitte weiterleiten !

Connected - Insane Creation Album Release Party - 15.10.2005

Posted by Hochstrasser Rene on 09/07/2005 12:00:00 AM | 0 Comments Blog, Old

Höngger Clan & Domo Records proudly presents:
Insane Creation's Album Release Party

Insane Creation ( Domo / CH )
V-Tunes ( Domo / Plusquam / CH )
Phony Orphants ( Iboga / DK )

Mirowsky ( Avalanche / CH )
Shybe & IC Dave ( Domo / CH )
Nadi ( Domo / IS )
Bassforscher ( DE )
Emok & Jeppe ( Iboga / DK )